Cement & Premix




Builders Cement

Blended Cement for a more workable mix. Mix with sand for mortor. Mix with sand & aggregate for concrete. Conforms to AS3972 Type GB.




Builders Clay 

A plasticiser for cement rendering and plastering. Improves workability of mortars and renders. 




Concrete Mix

Quality blend of cement, sand and aggregate add 2.5 litres of clean water per bag. Convenient and easy to use. 2 bags cover over a 450 mm x 500 mm slab approx. (75 mm thickness).




Hydrated Lime 


Blends with sand and cement for mortar. Enhances mortar bond strength and workability. 




Low Heat Cement


Low Heat (LH) Cement is a specialist cement product for use in concrete elements where avoidance of thermal stress is important. Cement Australia’s LH Cement complies with the requirements of AS3972 Type LH.





Off White Cement 


Blends with raw material to suit your project. Light coloured cement for a brighter finish. Suits oxide addition for a coloured finish. Conforms to AS3972 Type HE.





Rapid Set Concrete


No mixing required, just ad to clean water approx. 2 x 20 kg bags per post hole. Pre-soak hole and add 2. Litres of water per bag. Convenient and easy to use. 





Sand & Cement 


Pre- blended quality sand and cement. Convenient and easy to use. Further construction can take place after 24 hours. Approx. 7.5 litres of mortar per 20 kg bag. 













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