Decorative Pebbles & Gravels








Cowra Gold


This is a modern style of pebble that looks great in pots, water features and also brightens up your area. Also looks great on driveways and pathways.


Colour: yellow, cream


Available sizes: 20mm


1 Cubic Metre = 1.7 Tonnes






Cowra White


This smooth modern pebble looks fabulous around garden features, driveways and walkways. Also looks great around pool areas.


Colour: white, cream, grey


Available sizes: 10mm, 20mm, 40mm


1 Cubic Metre = 1.7 Tonnes





Decomposed Granite 


This product is a decorative option for pathways and driveways. 








Gabion Rock


Is made from crushed stone. Great for retaining walls and drainage applications. Looks great when used around water features. 


Colour: grey blue
Available sizes: 60mm & oversize.







This product looks great when used for walk ways, in garden beds, pots & around pool areas.


Colour: white, cream, grey


Available sizes: 20mm


1 Cubic Metre = 1.7 Tonnes






Lucky Stones


Perfect for the use in and around water features, & ponds. Because of the great colours, they look great wet or dry and they also make fantastic rock gardens.


Colour: cream, grey, white, brown 







Karuah Red


Karuah red is a unique product that comes from the Hunter Quarries. Its exceptional colour and durability looks great when it is used around garden features & garden beds. The bright red colour stands out in all types of landscaping projects.


Colour: red, orange, brown


1 Cubic Metre = 1.7 Tonnes






Polished Pebble


Our beautiful polished pebbles are perfect for water features, fountains, pool surrounds, Japanese & rain forest gardens.


Colours: black, white








Red Scoria 


Claret coloured volcanic gravel used on pathways or as a decorative mulch. The deep red colour makes an excellent feature in any garden. 


Colour: dark red 


Available sizes: 14mm







Round River Gravel


Looks great around garden features, also suitable for pathways. Also known as river pebble, river rock & lucky stones.


Colour: brown grey earthy colours


Available sizes: 20mm, 40mm


1 Cubic Metre = 1.7 Tonnes








Two Bay Pebbles


Unique pebbles exclusive to Waratah Landscape Supplies. Used as a decorative pebble in the gardens. Brings different colours and textures to the garden.


Colour: cream, grey, white


1 Cubic Metre = 1.7 Tonnes






All Decorative Pebbles and Aggregates are available in 20kg bags.




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