Gravels & Aggregates






Blue Metal


Quarried crushed gravel used in concrete mix, a drainage medium, component in making concrete can also be used as back fill material behind retaining walls. Also known as picrite.    


Colour: Grey blue


Available sizes: 10mm







Bulk concrete mix incorporating 10mm blue metal and does not include cement.


Ideal for core filling block work.








Recycled aggregate generally used as a temporary driveway.


A 40mm-20mm mix






Brick Fines


Brick and concrete dust fines, compactable underlay for pavers, also used as a fill prior to pouring concrete.






Recycled Concrete


Can contain recycled brick and concrete. Used as a drainage material.


Avaliable Sizes: 10mm, 20mm








Recycled Road Base


Used in any application where a compacting medium is required. Used in driveway construction, compacting base for laying pavers







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