Mulches & Woodchip



The benefits of using mulch on your garden:


  • Mulching reduces evaporation so you need to use less water and waterless.
  • Mulching keeps the soil temperatures cooler. This enables many plants that need cooler roots to thrive while still being in sunlight to flower.
  • Mulch attracts earthworms. This adds to the health of the soil through aeration & nutrient’s in the form of worm casts.
  • Mulching helps to maintain good soil structure by allowing plants to have maximum access to moisture & oxygen.
  • Mulching is also an effective and environmentally friendly way of controlling weeds without the use of chemicals.
  • Mulch should not be applied any thicker than 75mm. Fine mulch should be applied more thinly eg 40mm, coarser material can be applied more thickly. Just remember that mulch that is applied too thick cause’s DE oxygenation and this can kill plants.


An example of some different types of mulch and their uses;






Eco Mulch 


The Eco Mulch is a great option for your garden bed. Helps to protect the soil. The colour is a mixture of light and dark browns. 





Eucalyptus Mulch 


Fine honey coloured chip, long lasting mulch sourced from sawmill residues. This type of mulch will matt down well to really supress weeds and hold the water in. 





Midnight Mulch 


The black coloured mulch adds a unique look to your garden. Great for large gardens.






Pine Bark


Decorative mulch, does not absorb moisture, allowing the soil to absorb rainfall and irrigation water.





Pine Chip 


Softwood mulch suitable for all projects, looks great in large garden beds and open areas. 





Redwood Chip 


Is a red/ brown coloured enhanced woodchip, made from recycled plantation timber and wood waste, generally used in landscaping applications.








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